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This page was constructed by:
Kerstin Kunze


In the sentence "liability for links" from 12. Mai 1998 Az 1998 - 312 O 85/98 of the district court in Hamburg (Germany) it has been decided that the author can be held responsible for the contents of linked pages. This can be prevented by dissociating oneself from the contents of linked pages so the district court in Hamburg (Germany). Hence I dissociate myself from all contents of each link and I don't adopt the contents as my own, since I can not influence the style and contents of each link.
This disclaimer applies to all linked pages.

The pictures of my homepage are all done by myself. I digitalize them in three different ways:

  • Scanning of paperprints with UMAX Astra 610P
  • Fotographing with the digital camera JenOptik
  • Scanning of slides with mit i-scan-1800 of reflectra
(The quality of the pictures are mainly given by the mood of the person controlling the computer and not by the quality of the instruments.)


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