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Personal data
name Kerstin Helge Kunze
place Urbana-Champaign/USA
year/place of birth 1976 / Hagen
nationality german
marital status unmarried

1982 to 1986 Karl-Ernst-Osthaus Grundschule (elementary school), Hagen
1986 to 1995 Albrecht-Dürer-Gymnasium (high school), Hagen

1995 to 2001 study of physics at the University of Dortmund
1997 prediploma
2001 Diplom:
"A discharge for the miniaturisation of analytical systems - The dielectric barrier discharge"
1999 to 2000 additional study of economics especially for scientists at the University of Hagen
1999 to 2004 at the Institute for Spectrochemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
(ISAS Dortmund)
2001 to 2004 phd study at the physics faculty at the university Dortmund
october 2001 Participation in the 260. Hereaus-Seminar, Course on low temperature plasma physics 6, Bad Honnef/Germany
july 2003 Participation in the International school of quantum electronics (38th Course, Theoretical-practical course on spectroscopic techniques for materials, environment and cultural heritage), Erice/Italy
june 2004 phd defense at the University of Dortmund
"Miniaturized Discharges -- Prospects and limits for quantitative analysis"
since october 2004 Post-Doc at the University of Illinois

Special interests
Computers Windows 3.x/9x/NT, Dos, Linux
Microsoft Office
Webpage design (HTML)
TeX, LaTeX
Languages Englisch (fluently)
French (improvable)
Scholarship Since july 2000 scholar at efellows-net
Other activities 1993 - 1996 Counselor at an international summer academy for talented children
2001 - 2004 Organisation of the Ferienakademie Horizonte, a new summer academy for talented children
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