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When I was a pupil I visited several years a programm in summer for talented and motivated children, later on I even became a counselor. But there are still not enough possibilities to support talented children in school. Therefore we founded the Ferienakademie Horizonte and offer international contacts to other students. This programm is established with the cooperation of the DGhK (http://www.dghk.de/ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für das hochbegabte Kind).

The event last two weeks last year and 60 young persons (11 to 18 years old) and tutors from 6 countries (estonia, hungaria, switzerland, france, poland and germany) were participating. During the first week the pupils could choose two courses of the subjects biology, computer science, physics, mathematics, economy, creative writing, russian and learning how to learn. The second week was dominated by own projects of the participants.

I offered two physics courses (one about optics and the other one about boomerang) and was overseeing a project on building a computer working with water and boomerangs again.

2002 the Ferienakademie was in Speyer with around 50 participants.

Currently we're organizing the Ferienakademie 2004.

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